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'Three parent' baby born using new technique

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7 Must Read Stories From April 2016

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Why Grass-Fed Beef Is on a Roll

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Op-Ed by Dan McGinnLaw360com

Op-Ed: Stop 'Vigorously Defending' Your Clients by Dan McGinn

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The right to legal representation is a fixture of law and culture in America. Lawyers learn about the right to counsel in their first days of law school. For most Americans, the lessons about legal rights are more likely to come from reruns of Law & Order or, more recently, The Good Wife. Thanks to an endless array of TV dramas, just about everybody can recite at least part of the Miranda warning. The phrase "lawyering up" is a fixture of the culture, and the image of big companies bringing in armies of high paid lawyers is standard fare in movies and news stories.

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Op-Ed by Dan McGinnChicago-Tribune

Op-ed: $1 billion for Obama's library? Stop this presidential trend

This op-ed originally appeared in the Monday edition of the Chicago Tribune

Recently it was revealed that President Barack Obama intends to raise $1 billion to build his library and fund the associated endowment. Let me say this again: The president intends to raise one billion dollars for his library.

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Diversity And Law Firms

Over the last 20 years I've had the pleasure of working with more than 100 law firms. I've met numerous brilliant litigators, excellent business counselors, and outstanding strategists. I've also been retained by a number of firms to help them with some of their own internal challenges. One challenge that cuts across all law firms, as it does across all society, is the unrelenting race to acquire and grow talent. 

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The Loss of A Storyteller

All my life I have been drawn to storytellers. The charismatic minister. The flamboyant politician. The country music singer-songwriter. I never get tired of listening to clips of Reverend Martin Luther King. As a boy growing up in West Virginia, I remember sitting with my grandmother listening to Billy Graham sermons on the radio. I was privileged to see Speaker Jim Wright, Senator Hubert Humphrey, and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan speak on the floor of the House of Representatives.  They were poets. Whether one agreed or disagreed with their politics, the power and brilliance of their oratory was undeniable.

Alongside these great statesmen and public servants, I place Merle Haggard.

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