Based on his experience as a leading reputation counselor and trends analyst, Dan McGinn is a much-in-demand speaker. He is known for presenting insightful findings about cultural and consumer behavior in an engaging and provocative style. He has made more than 400 presentations to corporate, trade association, legal, higher-education, non-profit and government audiences.

His presentations are fast-paced, topical, thought-provoking, and fun. In the trend arena, Dan focuses on  "The Future We Already Know," which seeks to show how developments that are known and measurable today, are shaping defined outcomes tomorrow. An example is how the introduction of the 7-11 Big Gulp and other super-sized food containers in the '80s and '90s foreshadowed the debate on obesity today.

A typical presentation will include a heavy dose of census data and public opinion polls interspersed with music videos, television commercials, and a lot of compelling and surprising stories.

Organizations particularly like to use Dan to jumpstart retreats and annual meetings. As one client put it, "The surprising information comes out like a fire hose, but you can't get enough...More than anything he makes you think." 

Organizations where Dan has spoken include: Fed Ex, GM, The American College of Trial Lawyers, General Electric, the U.S. Tennis Association, Duke University, Coca-Cola, 3M, and The Association of General Counsels.