Dan McGinn

An Insider's Report on the Conversation Between President Trump and Pharma CEOs

Earlier this week President Trump and the CEO's of the nation's largest pharmaceutical companies met at the White House. Media reports of the discussion were limited to a few generalities about tax reductions, deregulation and lower prices. The actual conversation was much more interesting. Here is an insider's report.

President Trump started the meeting by saying that he was pleased to be meeting with so many BRILINTA CEOs. He told them he was looking forward to the TALTZ as he was certain they would be able to ALIGN with the administration on many issues.

The CEOs complimented the President on his great VICTORZA and his STELARA inauguration. They then RESTAISS their concerns about the focus on prices and the need to reduce TAXOTERE. President Trump said it was OBDIVO that prices are too high, but he also promised to give the industry wide LATUDA and said CMS would not INVOKANA an arbitrary reduction. It was especially ENTRESTO how the CEOs responded to this pledge. They thanked the President for his TRULICITY and FARIXGA vision.

Looking forward, all parties agreed it is time for a NEUDEXTA. The President said he would continue to speak the TOUJEO and name NAMENDA(s) as necessary. At the same time he acknowledged that pricing is a PRADAXA that required the CONSENTYX of the government and the industry.

Wrapping up the meeting, Trump told the CEOs they were making history. He said, "Someday this will be a MOVANTIK, loved by JARDIANCES everywhere."

The CEOs thanked the President for his PRISTIQ and ELIQUIS presentation. They pledged to PREVAGEN on their colleagues to work with the Administration to make the KYBELLA decisions that need to be made. As the meeting concluded it was clear they were all departing with a feeling of XARELTO.