Dan McGinn

Make the government more American and less Washington

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/RubberBall Productions)

This op-ed originally appeared in the November 8th, 2015 edition of the Washington Post

A trip around the Beltway is a testament to the wealth of the region and the good fortune of having Uncle Sam in the neighborhood. Construction cranes fill the landscape. Upscale shopping malls, high-end car dealerships and neighborhoods of $1 million-plus homes are abundant. It’s no accident that six of the 10 richest counties in the United States are in this region.

As a 40-year resident of this area, I say, with a measure of guilt and regret, that it’s time to think about moving some federal agencies and departments to other cities. My perspective isn’t partisan. I believe much of what the government does is good, and I think most civil servants are as competent and ethical as most private-sector employees.

My reasons are practical. It simply no longer makes sense economically or politically or from a security standpoint to have so many federal facilities concentrated in such a small geographic area...

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